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It's Late and Someone Attacks You From Behind

What would you do if someone approached you from behind and started attacking you? While the odds of something like this every happening are fairly small, we should still know what to do if someone is trying to cause bodily harm to us. Must likely this malevolent person is after money, and as soon as they have it they'll be on their jolly way. However, this isn't always the case. If a character such as this one approaches you, you better know how to act. Here are four self-defence moves that will help you out when you're walking alone late at night.

1. Make a Fist the Right Way

If you're confronted on the streets and need to use violence to escape, punches will most likely be involved. Though surprisingly many people don't know how to make a punch-worthy first. To make the optimal fist you'll need to bend your fingers against your palm so that your knuckles are facing out. Then place your thumb between your pointer and middle finger. Keep your wrist as straight as possible, hitting with a tilted wrist could result in more injury to you than the opposition. When punching, make sure that the middle and pointer finger knuckles are making the must contact, as they are the biggest and strongest of knuckles.

2. Go For the Groin

If this was the octagon, groin shots would get you tossed, but considering you're attempting to flee from someone committing an illegal act, groin shots are more than acceptable. Most likely the perpetrator is a man, this being the case his most vulnerable spot will be the groin. Any half decent kick to the groin area will shock the aggressor for a moment or two, leaving enough time for you to flee. Once you have that moment, be sure that you have enough stamina to run away. We're not saying that you have to wear an elevation training mask in preparation for your hypothetical getaway, but it wouldn't hurt.

3. Block an Incoming Blow

If the person attempting to do you harm goes to strike you with their hand, what do you do? If the attacker raises a hand to strike you, it's recommended that you raise your arm to brush aside the arm so that the punch doesn't hit your face. With your arm raised, take a step forward and with the other hand punch the face of the attacker. Aim for the jaw, throat, or nose.

4. No Bear Hugs Tonight

If someone is approaching you from behind they are most likely to sedate you by using a bear hug. When the person hugs you, try to shift your body weight lower to the ground to increase your mobility. While doing so, try to create a path for your hand to punch the groin of the aggressor.

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