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Bruce Lee Be Like Water

Bruce lee was a Chinese American born in San Francisco, California. He was one of the most renowned martial art artists in the 20th century. He was a great talented man and achieved many goals in his short life time. On one hand he was a famous Hollywood actor, martial art instructor, and on the other, he was a producer as well. He produced many martial art films; all implemented on the Chinese martial arts. He gave a new dimension to the traditional Hong Kong martial arts films as well as making Chinese martial arts world famous. He often acted in his own directed and written films like “Way of the Dragon” (1972) and “The Game of Death” (1978). He became a great iconic person especially to the Chinese as he expressed a Chinese nationalism throughout his films.

Street Fight

There is a concept that the martial art moves cannot be applied in street fights or in similar types of situation. But it was Bruce lee that made this concept wrong by his amazing skills in martial arts. According to him if someone knows the basic self defense moves of martial arts then he can easily implement his skills in any kind of situation protecting him from danger. Bruce lee felt that if martial arts can be used in serious situations then you could have a great advantage over your opponent or enemy. Bruce lee was not only a martial art specialist but he had a great knowledge in philosophy as well. He wrote a great book on martial art named “Martial arts and fighting philosophy” which is a great sample of philosophy as well. One of the greatest saying of Bruce lee includes a precious suggestion of developing a life in a proper manner. He suggested that we should lead our life like water flows. As water always flows through the cracks or around the cracks, we should also make our life’s path around all the circumstances or through it. This legendary person also said that we should empty our mind to be formless like water, rather than being rigid. Because rigidity may turns our life in the wrong path.

Self defense of women

Bruce lee had a thought regarding the martial art for women as well which made him different from the other martial art experts. He provided a lot of tips and tricks regarding the self defense of women. He was one of the first initiator who taught judo, karate and other necessary martial arts to the women so that they also could be able to help themselves in danger.

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