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Bruce Lee Death of a Dragon

By Richard J. Salvatore

Few people, in search of an identity have affected the world as Bruce Lee as. He grew where Kung Fu was a way of life, a life that he loved. Striving to perfect himself in that life, he created an intense interest in Martial Arts that will hold a permanent place in the culture of many nations.

Bruce Lee was a sensitive, quick tempered man. This created an enormous ego that would cause him, throughout his life, to grapple with some of the most dangerous men in Kung Fu. He brought with him the unexpected... and the controversial.

His death itself lies mysteriously buried in conflicting reports. One doctor claimed he died from a rare type of marijuana poisoning, while another said it was the result of a brain tumor. Still a third said he died due to blows he received while filming "Enter The Dragon". Bob Clouse, the picture's director, said this was impossible. The question remains, did Bruce Lee died a natural death or was he killed by some secret Chinese society as some report?

Bruce had as many enemies as he had friends. He was honest and some did not like that. He caused him to flee San Francisco in fear of his life. In Hong Kong, there were reports of him threatening the life of Lo Wei, a local movie producer, with whom he never got along. Bruce thought he was good, too good for some, but this proved to be false. He was known to the Chinese people as "the little man who talk too much".

His insecurities began as a child. He spent his youth with parents who were in the Chinese Opera. It grew to astronomical proportions by the time he reached manhood. From the size of his hand to the way that he spoke, he felt inferior. At times he would apolologize for it, at times he wished he were six feet tall.

This led Bruce to be a perfectionist in any endeavor he attacked. Some saw it as ego, some saw it as confidence. Whatever it was, it drove him to the limits of physical endurance. He became an efficient human weapon, but Bruce wanted more.

Unsatisfied with the name he had made for himself in Kung Fu, his interest in film grew into an infatuation with success; success, not only in the material sense, but with people as well. He wanted to be accepted, not looked upon as the short, little man who talked too much, but could never be understood. It made him a legend, but it cost his life.

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