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bruce lee
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Bruce Lee Facts

Birth Name:Lee Yeun Kam
Birthdate:November 27, 1940
Birthplace:San Francisco, California
Date of Death:July 20, 1973
Occupations:Actor, Director

Claim to Fame: Martial arts dynamo made popular in many Hong Kong-produced action films

Significant Other(s):
Wife: Linda Lee Caldwell, from Seattle; had Lee buried there.

Father: Hoi-Cheun Lee, actor; appeared with Chinese opera and in films; died in 1965
Mother: Grace Lee, German and Chinese ancestry; suffered from Alzheimer's disease
Brother: Peter Lee, older
Sister: Phoebe Lee, older; born 1938
Sister: Agnes Lee
Brother: Robert Lee, younger; musician, businessman
Son: Brandon Lee, actor; born February 1, 1965; died March 31, 1993; signed a three-picture deal with 20th Century Fox in 1991
Daughter: Shannon Lee, actress; born April 19, 1969

University of Washington (majored in philosophy)

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