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Bruce Lee Movies

This page is dedicated to the acting career of Bruce Lee. Bruce always said that he was a martial artist first and an actor second, but his aim was to bring the martial arts to the world and the best way to do this was through films. There was something about him though that made him stand above the crowd of actors, both Chinese and American, of the day. He had charisma in abundance that came through on screen and made him electrifying to watch. He also had a great eye for action and his choreogrphacical skills were awesome, easily the best ever. The end scene of 'Enter the Dragon', where he takes on opponent after opponent in one shot without cuts is simply incredible. He also had to fight the racial prejudice that was around at the time finding it very difficult to break into Hollywood, and refused to portray the Chinese as a weaker race. Despite his enormous talent, he was only to take the lead role in one Hollywood picture, and he was never to see it released. It is a great shame that the world was not to see him in his prime, as I am certain that he would have gone on to make many more quality movies, even outside the martial arts genre. As it is, his movies remain the ultimate of their type, and he will forever be ...'The King of Kung Fu Movies'.

Bruce Lee Filmography

Cinema of Vengeance (1994)
Best of the Martial Arts Films, The (1990)
Si wang ta (1981)
Fist of Fear, Touch of Death (1980)
Game of Death (1978)
Fury of the Dragon (1976)
Last Days of Bruce Lee, The (1973)
Life and Legend of Bruce Lee (1973)
Real Bruce Lee, The (1973)
Enter the Dragon (1973)
Meng long guojiang (1972)
Jing wu men (1972)
Tang shan da xiong (1971)
Marlowe (1969)
"Green Hornet, The" (1966) TV Series
Ren hai gu hong (1960)
Lei yu (1957)
Zao zhi dang cu wo bu jia (1956)
Zha dian na fu (1956)
Ai xia ji (1955)
Er nu zhai (1955)
Gu er xing (1955) Gu xing xue lei (1955)
Ci mu lei (1953)
Fu zhi guo (1953)
Ku hai ming deng (1953)
Qian wan ren jia (1953)
Wei lou chun xiao (1953)
Ren zhi cu (1951)
Xi lu xiang (1950)
Fu gui fu yun (1948)

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