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How Did Bruce Lee Die?

Bruce's father died, at age 64. Bruce had the feeling that he would only live to be half his father's age. Sure enough, Bruce died when he was 32. Brandon Lee, Bruce's son, also died at a very young age. In fact, he died just three and a half months prior to his father's death. Brandon died when a prop gun fired a bullet; the same way that Bruce's character faked his death.

A bad Feng Shui deflector, placed on the roof of Bruce's Cumberland Road home in Hong Kong, was blown off the roof by heavy rain and winds. The deflector had been placed on the house to protect Bruce and family from bad Feng Shui; previous owners had all been plagued by financial disaster and it was believed that this was because of the incorrect positioning of the house. The deflector was to ward off evil spirits.

Supposedly, a black shadow, perhaps a ghost of some kind, came to Bruce one night. Bruce told of being held down for several minutes and when he was finally let up he was drenched with sweat. This is probably one of the few times Bruce had been physically defeated.

Perhaps his death was this same spirit that came in order to finish him off.

In Hong Kong, the Mafia controlled most of the famous actors, usually by force. When they confronted Bruce, Bruce obviously refused to work for the Mafia. Some believe that the Chinese Mafia might have arranged for Bruce's death.

Although these stories are very convincing to some, the more scientific type has a far more difficult time in believing them. Here are some more probable theories regarding his death.

Numerous blows to the head can in fact cause brain aneurysms, the claimed "cause of death" from the autopsy. Throughout Bruce's life, other fighters were continually challenging him, and of course the legend of the world couldn’t let down an offer. Although Bruce won all the fights he was involved in, he was probably hit numerous times in the head. In addition to this theory, Bruce complained of reoccurring headaches, good suspect for the aneurysm possibility.

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