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How Martial Arts Can Help You
Accomplish Your Goals

By: Alan Quan

About two years back, I trained a martial art called Wing Chun. It is concept based instead of traditional martial arts, which are usually technique based. For hand to hand combat, it has only three basic forms. Each movement can be used in actual combat, and Wing Chun stresses economy of motion and the most direct way of dismantling your opponent, the quickest way possible.

Because one of the philosophies about Wing Chun is that when you fight, you fight to win, no matter what it takes. Whether you use Wing Chun concepts or not, as long as you win or escape safely. Now just as a disclaimer, I am NOT a professional fighter or claim to be the top authority in Wing Chun, but I think the philosophy is great in for our self improvement.

In Wing Chun, if all it takes is 2 or 3 punches to knock down your opponent and strip his will to continue the fight; then that is all it takes, the 2 or 3 punches to end it. If you know thousands of different forms found in traditional kung fu and you get into a fight, trust me, you will not need to perform a thousands actions and postures to beat your opponent.

Anyway, this is very much like your success to life. When you take the most direct path to whatever you are trying to achieve, you usually arrive at your destination more quickly. The most direct path I am talking about is to take physical action that will get you closer to your goals.

You can do all the positive thinking, meditations, prayers, visualizations, and all that stuff. And that is great to keep you motivated and everything, but it definitely not a direct way of accomplishing your goals. And if you make that the bulk of your daily activities, sitting their and thinking about success instead of actually doing it, you are actually denying yourself of achieving your goals.

If you want to turn on your computer, what is the most direct way of doing it? Do you sit there and meditate for God or the universal source or whatever to turn it on? Of course not, you stick out your index finger and apply some pressure to the ON button of your computer and miraculously, your computer is turned on! You catch my drift?

In Wing Chun we take the quickest, most direct and effective way possible to dismantle your opponent. And you should do the same when striving to achieve your goals. Keep practicing the meditations and visualizations, I think they are great. But if want to truly succeed, are you waiting for it to happen, or are your making it happen right now, with real action?

Alan Quan used to be a miserable employee in hopes of climbing the corporate ladder. He quickly wised up to that BS and fired his boss. Today he is an Internet Coaching Empire coach specializing in helping people build their own successful internet business. Visit his website at http://www.enjoysuccessnow.com and find out how he can help you accomplish your goals.

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