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An Overview Of Kickboxing Martial Sports


There are numerous martial sports to choose from if you're looking for a good workout, instead of martial arts traditional training. Of these martial sports, kickboxing is the most popular. If you want a martial art style routine to keep in shape, this sport might be for you.

Kickboxing, once of many martial art styles, goes back almost 2,000 years to Asia. Kickboxing made it's debut into martial sports in the 1970s as a way for Americans with martial arts traditional training to compete with full contact.

These competitions were no-holds-barred and allowed the competitors to use kicks and punches otherwise banned in karate kumite competitions. Because of the hazards that any full contact sport presents, safety gear and ground rules were implemented into the competitions.

The martial sports of kickboxing are varied to suit all levels of involvement: from hard-core, full contact competition to cardio kickboxing classes at the local gym.

If you have decided that you want to try your hand (or feet) at kickboxing, there are a few things you need to consider with this particular martial art style. First, you have to be in shape to get in shape.

Kickboxing is demanding and plunging into a martial art school after having been inactive could put a lot of stress on your body. Take it slow and start easy. Don't let your ego tell you differently.

Build up to your kickboxing training by first conditioning your body with low level aerobics or some other form of exercise that will build your endurance.

As with any martial arts traditional training, you should check out a class first. By doing this, you can see for yourself if kickboxing is for you or not. Ask the instructor how many beginners are in his or her class.

If there aren't any, find out if the instructor would be willing to modify the routine to fit you in. Then again, do you really want to be the only beginner in an advanced class? Shop around and find the class that fits you best.

The qualifications in any of the martial sports are important, but your future kickboxing instructor may be the most important. Not only does the instructor need to have a high level of martial arts traditional training, but he or she also has to be certified as a personal trainer.

Ask them if they have certification from ACE (American Council on Exercise) or another established organization that specializes in training personal trainers and aerobic instructors.

Consult with your doctor before beginning a kickboxing or other martial sports routine. Martial sports can be exhausting on the body, so proper health is required to get the full benefits from this martial arts traditional training.

Kickboxing alone can strengthen your heart while burning a great deal of calories at the same time. The discipline and exercise involved with the martial sports routine can have an effect on everyday activities and aspects of your life.

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