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Various Styles of Martial Arts

By: James Liu

There are many different types of Martial Arts and whilst we may have heard of types such as Judo and Karate, there are also different styles of Martial Arts to choose from. The most common seems to be Japanese but there are others too, so how can you tell which Martial Arts style would suit you the best?

The Different Styles Available

When it comes to Martial Arts there are four main styles which are Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Phillippino styles. Each one teaches the Martial Arts differently and some are more common than others.

Japanese Style Martial Arts

The Japanese Style Martial Arts focus on self defense and they are generally a way of helping the body to create spiritual harmony. Usually throwing and twisting techniques are used and you learn how to use your attacker's strength against them. So, even if your attacker is stronger than you, you will learn how to use that in your favor.

This is one of the gentlest forms of Martial Arts and whilst there is some pressure on vital nerve techniques used, it is not taught in order to attack or hurt your opponent as with some other types of Martial Arts.

Korean Style Martial Arts

Korean Martial Arts were used previously by Korean soldiers. Due to their knowledge of Martial Arts, it made them feared by other countries, hence they were known as some of the best soldiers in the world. With this in mind it is important to note that the Korean styles of Martial Arts were actually designed for battle unlike the Japanese version which was designed to simply protect, not to fight.

Phillippino Style Martial Arts

This type of Martial Arts focuses on using weapons such as a short stick. It is used for both sport and self defense reasons and it is not generally as popular as other Martial Art styles.

Chinese Style Martial Arts

The Chinese Martial Arts style is generally Tai Chi. It is used for both exercise and self defense reasons and it is supposed to provide a sense of calm to those who follow it. Some schools teach with the use of weapons whereas some schools teach without them. Both ways are acceptable and it all depends upon personal preference as to which type of Tai Chi you want to partake in.

Overall the different styles do make a difference to the types of Martial Arts and how they are practiced. It is completely down to personal preference as to which one you choose and remember that each style has its own benefits.

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